Friday, December 01, 2006

Obituary: William Windsor - Class of 1875

William WINDSOR, '78, widely known psychologist and phrenologist, died in Milwaukee at the Republican Hotel, of acute bronchitis December 21. Dr. Windsor was born at Covington, Ky., in 1857, coming to Madison at the age of 15. After taking his degree in law at the University he practiced in Madison and in Stoughton before moving to Texas where he achieved success as a criminal lawyer. Some years later he took up the study of phrenology and psychology in which field he found his life work. For the past twenty years Dr. Windsor, assisted by his wife, has given lecture courses in every large city in the United States. He has written many books, the last of which, "Phrenology, The Science of Character, was reviewed in the July-August, II, issue of this MAGAZINE. Dr. Windsor left unusual instructions for his funeral service. He expressed the wish that his body be cremated, kept some weeks, and then that his friends meet to listen tothe reading of certain passages from his books and to the telling of a number of his pleasantries on life. Then his ashes are to be scattered on the waters of Lake Michigan. He asked that no monument be erected to his memory. "I do not want the notice of my death printed in the obituary columns." he said. "Tell the world about my work and not about me."

Originally published in The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine (Volume 24, No. 4) in February 1923.


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