Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Obituary: Henry Turville - Class of 1907

Henry Turville, 63, Member of Pioneer Madison Family, Dead

Henry L. "Harry" Turville, 63, member of an old and widely-known pioneer family and a town of Madison florist since World War I, died today at his home at Turville Woods, Route 4, following a long illness.

The Turville family, which gave its name to Turville point, adjacent to Olin park on Lake Monona, settled here a century ago. They came from England.

In his youth, Mr. Turville was an ardent ice boot racing enthusiast and introduced into the sport here the first Hudson river type boat on Madison lakes. Mr. Turville likewise was a water sports follower.

He also was interested in horticulture and operated a wholesale-retail hot house at Turville Woods, and was well-known as a florist.

Born Jan. 27, 1888 at his Turville Woods home, he was the sone of Henry and Kate Turville. Christened Henry, after his fatther and grandfather, Mr. Turville was known as "Harry." He received his schooling here and was lifetime town of Madison resident.

Mr. Turville is survived by his wife, Margaret, and a sone, Henry, also of Turville Woods.

The body is at the Fitch-Lawrence funeral home.

Note: The above was originally published in the Obituary Section of The Capital Times on August 31, 1951. At this time, obituaries were still "news stories," written by newspaper staff, not families.

Additional notes: The obituary is reproduced as it was originally published. The photo below is from the 1907 Tychoberahn, the yearbook of Madison High School (later renamed Central High School). Notice the period after Henry's last name. In an article about Turville Point for Historic Madison, Mark Gajewski notes that the family name originally did not have an "e" at the end and wonders when it was added. He still doesn't have an answer.

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